Monday, August 30, 2010

Mr. Smiley Goes to Washington

This past weekend Rick, Soren, and I traveled to Washington, DC to attend the
Restoring Honor Rally
at the Lincoln Memorial.
We got there Friday evening and walked down the National Mall from our hotel to see some sights, take in the event preparations, and share in the building excitement.

There were already people camped out on the grounds, chairs and blankets set up, ready to stay all night to claim their choice spots.
On Saturday morning we met up with Grandpa who had taken a bus down with a group from Pennsylvania. Then we trooped down the National Mall again, this time with about 500,000 (by official reports) other people. We got there early enough to find a nice shady spot under a tree toward the end of the reflecting pool.
There were JumboTrons set up so that we could still see the program that included singing, prayer, and speeches by Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and Alveda King that honored the military and urged people to include the principles of Faith, Hope, and Charity in their lives.
Despite the crowds and potential for politically charged atmosphere, I am pleased to report that everyone we encountered was polite and pleasant and respectful.

Being a politically active citizen suited Soren well.
Or maybe what suited him was being an only child for the weekend.
Will was at Grandma's house doing equally cool things like making home made Play-Doh.

Friday, August 20, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in July

At the end of last month, we managed to pull off a very festive
5th Annual
Christmas in July party

A new addition to the revelry this year was Matt the Balloon Guy who amazed and delighted us with his creations including:

The Three Musketeers

A Frog Corsage

and The Little Mermaid!
We also observed the time-honored traditions of grilling out, blowing bubbles, and passing the parcel. Fun was had by all.

Funny enough, we spent the next day at Zoombeezi Bay where they were also celebrating Christmas in July. I knew it!
Christmas in July is sweeping the nation!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

One Year Ago

One Year Ago last night
Grandma and Grandpa arrived one week before your due date so we would have plenty of time to get ready
(or so we thought)

One Year Ago today
I missed Mary's Stamp-A-Stack Fundraiser
(I don't intend to miss it this year! Check it out here)

One Year Ago today
I heard your voice for the first time.
It was the most wonderful sound because I knew right away that you were healthy and strong.

Happy First Birthday, Our Darling Soren!
We love you and are so excited to watch you grow!