Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Tour de Donut

A couple of weekends ago we drove out to Arcanum, Ohio and participated in the Tour de Donut with our friends Jean and Mark.  
The Tour de Donut is a 33 mile bike ride through the lovely (mostly flat, thank goodness) Ohio countryside with 2 rest stops where you can eat donuts!  And for every donut you eat, they subtract 5 minutes from your time at the Finish Line.

I can't think of a nicer way to spend a Saturday: 
touring the beautiful town of Arcanum and the surrounding countryside, 
spending time with Jean and Mark, 
enjoying fresh air and exercise, 
posing for pictures with Mr. Sprinkles, 
and eating donuts!

First Day of First Grade

Yay! The first day of First Grade!

At St. Mary School in German Village, we celebrate the first day of First Grade with a Schultute Ceremony.  
It actually started last year when, as Kindergarteners, the students hung little paper cones on a special tree.  All year, as the children learn and grow, the paper cones grow and become more colorful.  Then when the children are ready to start first grade, the cones are harvested and filled with school supplies and small toys and sweet treats to help "sweeten" the beginning of formal education.  
It's a pretty big deal.

The ceremony was very nice. Each upper grade gave a gift to the First Graders, such as a prayer to their Guardian Angels or a promise to help them along their way, and guest speakers included the Bishop of the Diocese of Columbus and Channel 10 News Anchor Kristyn Hartman.

Will received his Schultute

The Kindergarteners hung their paper cones on the tree

Congratulations to our Big, Grown-Up First Grader! 

Christmas in... er... July

July was a little hectic in our house this year so Christmas in July turned into Christmas in August.  
And it wasn't exactly a Christmas party.  
We went to COSI!

 The folks at COSI do a wonderful job of putting on a party.  The highlight of which (I think everyone would agree) is making ice-cream with liquid Nitrogen.  
Yummy... Educational... and a little bit Dangerous.  
Sounds like a recipe for an awesome 7th Annual Christmas in July.