Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

We Love Pigeon Roost!

It was one of those afternoons when we were trying to herd the boys into the car and there was lots of whining and lots of complaining (and a little bit of yelling) and fighting and shouting in the back seat all the way there, but as soon as we turned into the parking lot Will said,
"This is Pigeon Roost! I love Pigeon Roost!".

The rest of the evening was spent running and playing, climbing and swinging, sliding and selecting the perfect pumpkins.

I love Pigeon Roost!

Dear Noodle

Dear Noodle,

We have so many good memories of the time you spent with our family. From the moment you picked us by crawling onto Rick's shoe and falling asleep, we knew you were the perfect dog for us.

You loved camping
protecting the kids when we were out for a walk
relaxing by the fire
relaxing with your Grandpa

and riding in the car to Bedford.
You were the smartest dog in your obedience class.
You were gracious about sharing your bed with the kitties.
You were always such a good sport.
You were a beautiful, loving dog and we know the thing you will enjoy most about heaven is...
NO LEASH LAWS!We'll see you again some day, Mr.Dog.
Until then, be a good boy!

Has it Been a Year Already?

It was hard to go to the Fall Foliage Festival this year without Noodle because Bedford is Noodle's most favorite place. But the awesome folks at MedVet were taking good care of him, so we made the annual pilgrimage. What I look forward to most now is catching up with my wonderfully talented crafting friends.

Debbie Burkey made this ginormous Great Pumpkin. I knew it had to come home with me when I got nervous every time someone else admired it in her booth.
It's pretty impressive, don't you think? You should see it in person.

A couple of years ago, Jill Zieglemeier made two of these hysterical Skully dolls. I'm not kidding when I tell you that I literally had one in my hand and Will let me know that he had to go to the bathroom so I set it down and took Will to find a bathroom. When we got back, both of the Skullys were gone! I was so sad.
This year Jill surprised me with a Skully that she had set aside just for me!
I love being in the Jill V.I.P. Club.

Jill also made this Masquerade Pumpkin.
I love how she's kind of creepy and sweet at the same time.
We did something new this year. After several instances of chickening out at the last minute, Will was finally willing to participate in these cute Tales of Middle Earth plays they put on. Rick and Soren were recruited too! I've seen these Middle Earth people at other events and they always look like lots of fun.