Thursday, August 30, 2012


I decided not to give cancer a voice on my blog.  
I want this to be a place where I remember and reflect on the joy in our lives.  
Cancer brings terrible grief and pain.  
I was surprised to find that cancer also brings wonderful joy.  The joy of finding out that there is boundless generosity and love in other people- even people who are strangers to you.  The joy of knowing that you can let people who love you help shoulder the burden when it starts to overwhelm you.  The joy of not taking little moments for granted.
One of the greatest joys was cheering on our friend Vannessa who rode in the Pelotonia in honor of Rick and her father-in-law, who also battled a brain tumor.

There goes Super Vannessa, zooming down High Street shortly after leaving the starting line

The World's Cutest Cheering Section

Rick being interviewed by a Columbus Dispatch reporter at the first rest stop

A Congratulations Hug from her boys

Champions at the Finish Line

Not only was it incredibly emotional to watch Vannessa give her strength to this cause with Rick's name printed on her jersey, it was infinitely more amazing to be surrounded that day by literally thousands of people willing to battle through a grueling bike tour because they care that people like Rick are battling their own grueling fight. 

The day after Rick's first MRI, when we knew that he had a tumor, but did not yet know much more than that, as we were numbly going through the motions of a normal routine and trying not to let ourselves be overcome by fear and despair, I walked through a room in the house and saw a piece of paper lying on the ground.  When I picked it up and turned it over, it read 'Friendship is a sheltering tree'.  Thank you, Vannessa, for giving so much of yourself to us: your strength, your love, your shoulder to cry on, your connections in the Neurosurgery Department, your care and concern, your awareness that Rick is the primary cook in our family, your sense of humor, your friendship.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Harry Potter To You!

On August 1st, Soren turned 3!

Grandma and Grandpa came to town to celebrate with a Harry Potter themed dinner:

Hagrid's Hotdogs and Brats
Weasly's Magic Baked Beans
Potter Potato Salad
Hermione's Heavenly Hash
Dursley's Piggles (Grilled Cheese-stuffed Bacon-wrapped Pickles)
 (don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em)


Followed, of course, by Hogwarts Cake

Then boxies!

We had reserved a cabana for a special day at Zoombezi Bay, but the forecast called for 60% chance of rain so we opted to take Soren to see his 
first Movie Theater movie: 
You'll notice it's not raining.  
Oh well, Brave was awesome and a good time was had by all.  

Harry Potter to You, Darling Soren!

Happy Anniversary

Dear Rick-

Sometimes this family feels like a circus.  
You are the Strong Man in our Circus Side Show and I love you!  
Thank you for the thrills and the fun and the noise and the exotic animals we named Will and Soren!

I love you, Meg

Picnic At the Weaver's

Could it be summer without at least one visit to the Weaver Homestead?  
This summer we have been lucky to be treated to two Weaver Picnics.  In July we were invited to come over and play before Dr. Weaver's Model T Club meeting.  
Will has already told us that he would like his first car to be a Model T so he was thrilled with the rides in the full-size and mini-Model T's and everyone was excited to help make (and help eat) ice cream in the tractor-driven ice cream maker.

 Just a couple weeks later, Dr. and Mrs. Weaver hosted a Resident Picnic- even more fun because tractor rides and Model T rides and ice cream making was shared with wonderful friends

A Great Big Midwest Welcome to our First Year Residents, Jean and Zach! 
Heart you guys!