Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sorrows drowned in a fountain of popcorn butter

To console ourselves after the loss of Mr. Fish we took Will to see his first movie.
He did pretty well. He only cried when the dogs were being mean.

I cried a little too (must be the hormones).

R.I.P. Mr. Fish

The victim: Mr. Gold Fish
Age, at least 5 years
Previous known address, the dinky pond in the backyard when we moved into the house.

Brief obituary, Mr. Fish had grown and flourished since Rick redid the pond into a fish oasis.
He leaves behind to mourn his memory 4 half-brother fish who had previously resided in our pond in German Village.
(Photo withheld to protect the queezy)

The scene of the crime: Our normally tranquil backyard pond

Main suspect: Urban Heron
Could not be reached for comment

Local enforcement officials report that security in the area will be beefed-up in the form of more frequent patrols of the perimeter by a resident chocolate lab

On a happier note, Rick's pepper plant grew this really terrific pepper.