Saturday, May 10, 2014

Throwback Pinewood Derby

The Scout Master of Pack 456 seized upon the idea of making this year's Pinewood Derby a Throwback Derby- in honor of the first Pinewood Derby in 1953.  That meant that all cars had to be cut in the same design as the first Boy Scout-approved 1953 design and all the cars had to be weighted with pennies instead of the fancy tungsten weights they sell at the Boy Scout Store these days.  There were some fans of this plan and some haters, but in the end everyone got a medal because everyone did their best and that's all that matters, right?

It turns out that 1953 was also the first year of the Corvette, so Will selected a '53 Corvette design for his paint job.  Mom committed to the theme by creating classic white-wall tires for Will's car.

Soren had a bit more leeway because he didn't have to comply with the throwback rules. He picked an Angry Birds theme. Rick was against attaching feathers to the car because they would create drag, but how can you have an Angry Bird car without feathers? 
And he did end up winning the Pack Award for best car design.
Yay for Team Smiley!