Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Celebrity Kids

Mmmmmmm... Rice Cereal

Soren reached a major milestone this weekend when he had his first solid food!
The reviews were mixed.Rick and I were reminiscing about the first solid food Will ate. It was actually a chrysanthemum. He plucked a flower off the plant I had in the shopping cart at Lowe's and popped it into his mouth. I've never tasted chrysanthemum, but judging by the face Will made, it might be about a notch below rice cereal.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Me and my buddies Courtney Cox and Gwenyth Paltrow

Actually, it was my buddy Eleni who turned me onto this awesome workout. Twice a week we go to Urban Moves in Bexeley and exercise for 30 minutes on the Power Plate. It is basically a vibrating platform and we do lunges and pushups and crunches on it. Because the platform vibrates it forces your muscles to do hundreds of tiny little contractions.
I can tell you that this is a workout that leaves you begging for mercy.
It's awesome!
It also makes me feel like I should be dodging the papparazzi when I leave the gym. If you go to the Power Plate website, they have celebrity endorsements by Courtney Cox and Hilary Swank. I hear Madonna takes one of these machines on tour with her. Say what you want about Madonna, the woman's got guns.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aha! moment

I usually sort of dread this time of year. I used to call it the Winter Doldrums. The holidays are over. The weather is yucky. Everything is gray: the sky, the patches of dirty snow, the salt encrusted cars. It'll be another few months before we get another three-day-weekend at work. Blech.But then a very wise friend of mine made an off-hand comment that hit me like a ton of bricks. She shared her view of this post-holiday season that I am definitely adopting as my own: this is the quiet time of year after the holiday chaos that started way back in October finally subsides. This is the time of year to catch on projects, clean out closets, enjoy the quiet peace... until the festive chaos of the year catches up with us again.

Funny how God puts people into your life to tap you on the shoulder and whisper His messages to you.

Monday, January 4, 2010

...And a Hocking New Year

This year we went to Hocking Hills for a few days to ring in the New Year.

Our snowy, cozy cabin.

Rick sledded with Will and Noodle.
Soren and I thought about going back inside.
Will became a fan of hot tubs.
Noodle relaxed by the fire.
We had a nice time in the our little cabin in the woods- a very lovely way to welcome 2010.