Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Tree Studio

Traditionally, early in the year we take the boys to get their pictures taken.
This year, I got the brilliant idea to take Noodle along for family portraits.
We tried out a darling studio in Old Worthington that a friend told me about.
All I can say about the experience is - never have my children behaved so atrociously.
Soren cried. Will cried. At one point I'm pretty sure the photographer wanted to cry. Neither of them wanted to sit next to the other and they both refused to sit next to the dog. Speaking of the dog, he was the only good one and the only one we wanted to take home that day.
Despite the chaos, Kyle and Steve did a wonderful job and captured some great shots.
I ordered an album of some of the goofier shots and we're calling it
'The Last Time We Ever Had Family Pictures Taken'.

Though I'm pretty sure it won't be the last time.
Maybe next year we'll take just the dog.

Reach high, Think big. Work Hard. Have Fun!

At the beginning of April we took the boys to see the Imagination Movers.
At first I thought we had lucked into front row tickets, but as the usher was seating us smack dab in front of an enormous speaker, I started to wonder when the wine was going to be served.
It was actually a very entertaining show.
And we got to go an after-party and meet the Movers. They were very gracious and thanked us for coming to the show.
To be honest, it was kind of a thrill,
especially meeting my favorite Mover:
Mover Rich