Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall! Glorious fall!

Fall is officially here and with it comes Fall Foliage. To most folks that might mean a colorful change in the normal appearance of local trees. To me and my family it means heading to Bedford, PA to visit Grandma and Grandpa and revel in the crafts, music, antique car parades, quilt shows, and apple dumplings of the Fall Foliage Festival. It's like a pilgrimage for us. Even when I lived in Iceland I made it back for Fall Foliage. It is also an opportunity to visit with some of my favorite crafters (more on that later).
Grandma's Autumn porch.
The crowds strolling, browsing, enjoying the beautiful weather.
Jill and me at her booth 'Creative Primworks'. This woman truly has a love for all things Halloween. She's so talented and I have a couple of her creations out all year. The rest I love to unpack and rediscover this time of year. It's like Christmas morning... or Nightmare before Christmas.

Debbie and me at her booth 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'. From what I understand, Debbie started crafting when she made dolls for her daughter. Her husband suggested that she make some to sell and the business grew from there. All her creations are so obviously made with love. My favorites are the things she makes with vintage linens.

Another of my favorite crafters, Jamie, was not here this year with her Fripperies. I did get to see her this summer and catch up. Hopefully she'll be back to Fall Foliage next year.

As I get out my Halloween decorations this week I'll post more pictures of my Creative Primworks and Uncle Tom's Cabin collections.

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Kara & Jeremy said...

Yay for vacation with family! Yay for handmade crafts! The Fall Foliage Festival looks much more relaxing (and less crowded) than the Circleville Pumpkin Festival, too! :)