Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Hangover

Today we are not so smiley.

Distressing that our country would demonstrate an obvious disregard for strength of character, sincere love of country, and a strong and long record of service.

Distressing (though not surprising) that our country would buy in
to slick packaging and catchphrases with at best very little substance behind the rhetoric and at worst a track record of questionable moral judgment.

Most distressing of all was to hear many of my contemporaries say that it doesn't really matter who the president is. The country essentially runs itself and nothing that a politician promises ever really happens, so why not vote for the more novel candidate? I say, how is it NOT racism to NOT vote for the best qualified candidate just because he is NOT black?

I think I will quit my job and join the ranks of the welfare moms. I interact with them every day and they don't seem to have it so bad. They have cars and cell phones and their kids get great medical care. Plus they don't have all the hassle and stress involved in providing for their family and contributing to society. As long as wealth is going to be spread around, better to be on the receiving end, no?

Well, I may not really quit my job, but I certainly am resigning my Commission in the Navy Reserves. Whatever "testing" goes on in the global community of our weak and inexperienced leader, I certainly do not want to be involved in any part of it.

Columbus has become an even more attractive place to live to me because it is unlikely to be the target of a terrorist attack.

Probably because I've been avidly watching the AMC series 'Mad Men', set in the early 1960's, the one comforting thought is that this is probaly how a lot of people must have felt when John Kennedy was elected (though I am IN NO WAY comparing the moderate Kennedy to the ultra-liberal Obama). Kennedy was young and inexperienced and (gasp!) a Catholic. Despite those things, the world survived the Cuban missile crisis.

Along the same line, I pray that no idiot gets it into their head to assassinate Barack Obama. We certainly don't want Joe Biden in charge of things.
My favorite Biden quotes from the past few months:
"Let me introduce you to my incredibly beautiful wife. Oh- she also has a doctorate."
"We are going to address the three letter word that Americans care about the most: Jobs."
And to a female reporter who asked him a tough question: "Who writes your questions?"
Nice. He's a misogynist and has poor math skills. Then we really would wish that the country ran itself.

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