Sunday, June 14, 2009

R.I.P. Mr. Fish

The victim: Mr. Gold Fish
Age, at least 5 years
Previous known address, the dinky pond in the backyard when we moved into the house.

Brief obituary, Mr. Fish had grown and flourished since Rick redid the pond into a fish oasis.
He leaves behind to mourn his memory 4 half-brother fish who had previously resided in our pond in German Village.
(Photo withheld to protect the queezy)

The scene of the crime: Our normally tranquil backyard pond

Main suspect: Urban Heron
Could not be reached for comment

Local enforcement officials report that security in the area will be beefed-up in the form of more frequent patrols of the perimeter by a resident chocolate lab

On a happier note, Rick's pepper plant grew this really terrific pepper.

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