Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

What a big month! Will started preschool today. How on earth is that possible? It seems that just yesterday he was the size of his 3 week old brother. My friend Vannessa warned me that this would happen- you bring home your new baby and suddenly your older child looks like he's 35. It's true that I've been wondering lately when Will got so big. I suspect by next week he'll be driving himself to school.
Despite his efforts to convince me that he didn't need to go to school because he already knew all there was to know about being an astronaut (the career choice du jour) he was won over right away by a Play-Doh activity and didn't even seem to notice us lingering outside the door, blowing kisses and whispering useful advice like 'Be good' and 'Listen to your teacher'.Thank you, Miss Toni, for a great first day of school!


Mary said...

Will, congrats on the first day of preschool!

Leah Young said...

So fun! He will have a great year at preschool!