Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thumbs up for Suessical the Musical

Will and I went to see the Columbus Children's Theater's production of
Seussical the Musical.

It was excellent.

This is a picture of Will at intermission holding the dandelion he picked in the parking lot on the way in. It was kind of fitting because the story line heavily featured Horton the Elephant who spends a lot of time holding a clover flower on which a whole buch of Whos live.

There's a great song in the musical that's been stuck in my head all week:

(I got the lyrics from the internet; I didn't memorize them at the show)

When the news is all bad

When you're sour and blue

When you start to get mad

You should do what I do-

Tell yourself how lucky you are

When your life's going wrong

When the fates are unkind

When you're limping along

And get kicked from behind

Tell yourself how lucky you are

Why decry a cloudy sky

An empty purse

A crazy universe?

My philosophy is simply

Things could be worse!

So be happy you're here

Think of life as a thrill

And if worse comes to worse

(As we all know it will)

Thank your lucky star

You've gotten this far

Tell yourself how lucky you are!

A nice lesson from Dr. Seuss

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