Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More summer outings

Last weekend we drove to Dayton to visit the National Museum of the US Air Force. They were celebrating the anniversaries of the Apollo 11 and Apollo 15 Moon Landings.
There was tons of fun stuff for kids going on: story readings, craft stations, building and launching rockets, and so many different kinds of flying machines to look at!

(Cue the 'Top Gun' theme music)

(Cue the 'The Right Stuff' theme music)

We even picked up some freeze dried Astronaut Ice Cream in the gift shop.
It was... um... interesting.

Personally my favorite part was the beautiful park outside filled with monuments and memorials to pilots and squadrons and veterans. If you go I would recommend parking at the far end of the parking lot and strolling through the shady park on your way to the museum's front door.

Oh- also there is no admission charge for the museum. It's hard to beat that.

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