Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorable Memorial Day

If any friends in central Ohio want to start making plans for next Memorial Day, I'd like to recommend the Worthington Memorial Day Parade.Find a nice shady spot under a tree along the route and look forward to
marching bands (including The Ohio State Alumni Band), color guards, fire trucks, clowns, Shriners in little cars, boy scout troops, veterans in vintage cars, baton twirlers, military vehicles, local politicians, bagpipe players, and a guy dressed like Uncle Sam riding a motorcycle with just one big wheel.
Oh, and there was also a military jet fly over.

Amazing parade!
A great way to kick off Summer
(made all the more festive by a trip to Graeter's for ice cream afterward).

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Mary said...

We missed all parades this year :( I'll have to remember Worthington next year!