Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Saga of The Fence

In April, I was in Arizona at a Meeting when Rick sent me this picture with the caption 'Need for a new fence'. Apparently a whole section of our fence had blown over in a wind storm the night before. Rick spent the rest of the day propping up the fence as best he could, creating this lovely ghetto effect:Did I mention that the day all this was going on also happened to be Rick's birthday?

I wasn't exactly surprised or sad to see the old fence fall over. It was an ugly fence that we had casually discussed replacing... at some point. The fact that it failed catastrophically simply forced Rick to spend most of his free time this summer turning this pile of woodinto possibly the loveliest fence in the city.
(Rick chose Red Cedar so the fence also coincidentally smells nice).Another wind storm not long after snapped our patio umbrella right in half.
Thank you, Mother Nature (and my endlessly hard-working husband), for the Extreme Backyard Makeover this summer.

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Mary said...

The fence is absolutely gorgeous!
Happy belated birthday Rick!