Friday, March 29, 2013

Little Anniversaries and Thanksgivings

One year ago yesterday, Rick had knee surgery. As I would have expected, he recovered like a champ, took no narcotic pain medicine afterward and was back to his usual activity much sooner than the surgeon predicted.  But it was soon after the surgery that we started to notice little neurological changes- confusion with driving directions, trouble remembering names, trouble finding the word he was trying to say.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, that whatever it was about the anesthesia- fluid shifts, changes in blood flow, over hydration- caused Rick's tumor to announce itself much earlier than it may have otherwise.  My hope is that catching it earlier rather than later has contributed to how well he has responded to surgery, radiation and now chemotherapy.  That and the fact that You have blessed him with extraordinary strength and courage.  Please, Heavenly Father, continue to bless Rick with strength and courage for the battle ahead.  

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Mary said...

Amen. I continue to keep him in my prayers.