Friday, October 23, 2015

Build A Bearthday Party (Heehee)

Soren's friends met us at Build-a-Bear to help celebrate the momentous occasion. 
We got there a little early. 
Soren was anxious for the doors to open.

It was lots of fun to watch everyone make a new little buddy and the party leader did a great job of shepherding everyone through the process.  
You know how they have those little cloth hearts that you make a wish on and stuff inside before they sew up your stuffed animal? When we got to that part, each guest got a small heart to make a special wish for Soren. Rick and I gave a little kiss to our small hearts.  Then the party leader put all the small hearts inside a heart-shaped pouch to put inside the Minion Soren made. 
That was a very sweet touch I thought. 

We moved out onto the Easton patio to open gifts

and share cupcakes.  
Because Sour Patch Kids are Soren's favorite candy, I was so excited to find the recipe for Sour Patch cupcakes on Pinterest. They turned out so pretty

But the taste elicited reactions like this 

and this.

But Will's friend, Drew, saved the day when he said, 
"Don't worry, my mom makes worse cupcakes." 
Thanks, Drew.

We rounded out the rich, full day with a screening of the Minion Movie in 3D. 

Phew! So much fun!

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