Sunday, May 10, 2015

Charleston- Cooper River Bridge Run

We lived in Charleston during my high school years.  Charleston is a beautiful city that makes you wonder why anyone would ever live anywhere else.  Every year there is a 10K run over the Cooper River Bridge which spans the Charleston Harbor.  I ran that run several times... but that was (ahem) many years ago.
We love  to go back to Charleston every chance we get.  My brother goes back almost every year to run the Cooper River Bridge Run.  This year (long story short) I ran with him.

It was an amazing experience.  I was mostly amazed that I was able to run most of the 6.2 miles.  It helped that we paused for a few rest breaks to take selfies.

I was amazed to see this hero running in full gear... and to find out that his name is Smiley! (No, I didn't recognize him from the family reunion; it was printed on his uniform).  We greeted each other as cousins and ran together for a bit.

I was truly amazed to bump into my amazing friend, Stephanie, who was a resident at Children's Hospital a few years ago and now lives in Charleston. She ran dressed as shark for some reason (I didn't ask. I just figured that was something awesomely athletic people like her do).

We celebrated with some of my favorite kind of selfies: 
Finish Line Selfies!

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