Sunday, May 10, 2015

Spring Campout

We returned to Camp Lazarus for the Spring Cub Scout Campout.  True to his word, Rick elected to spend the night in the comfort of his own warm bed so it was just me and the guys.

But look at this awesome camp site Super Mom set up!

In contrast to the Winter Campout, the Spring Campout included a lot more outdoor activities:

hot dog roasting

crawfish hunting

and an evening hike with owl spotting

Our Pack also did something really cool: a Flag Retirement Ceremony

I have to say I am a much bigger fan of Spring camping.  This was the view out of the roof of our tent in the morning.

And this was the sweet group of boys we shared the experience with

And don't worry- Larry, the crawfish, was returned to his natural habitat so he can live to play with future
 Boy Scouts another day.

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