Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Trip to the Dentist!

Okay- So I know Will sees a dentist every day (me), but I wanted him to have a 'real' dental experience and I wanted to get a professional opinion of his prospective need for orthodontia. Though dental school was 10 (!) years ago and I haven't actually practiced as a dentist in about seven years, I know enough to know that primary teeth are not supposed to be perfectly lined up and touching a la JonBenet Ramsey. Spaces are a good thing because the permanent teeth that will come in are much wider than their primary predecessors. Will's teeth, unfortunately, came in beautifully aligned with no spaces.
Anyway- our good friend Dr. Bobby agreed to see Will for his first dental checkup. Rick brought him to Children's Hospital after we were done seeing patients. Will did a great job. His favorite part was when Dr. Bobby "painted" his teeth with fluoride. And No Cavities! (Sadly, that's not a always a gimme for a 21/2 year old).

"Thumbs Up!"

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