Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's Christmas in July!

I have been accused of being a little overly enthusiastic about Christmas. I would listen to Christmas music all year long if I wasn't sure that people around me wouldn't spontaneously start jumping out of windows and committing other desperate acts. (I do keep a couple of my favorite carols in regular rotation on my ipod).
Since Will was born on Christmas day, we frequently get friendly advice from well-meaning people who have that same birthday- or have a loved one who does- about how to minimize the extreme bummer of having your birthday in the midst of the Christmas extravaganza. I would like to go on record as saying that I personally think that Christmas is a lovely birthday. The whole world (the whole Christian world anyway) is festive and cozy and thinking happy thoughts of peace on earth and goodwill toward men. That being said, at some point someone did suggest celebrating his half-birthday. What a super fun idea! Not to mention a great excuse for putting up Christmas decorations and listening to Christmas music without other people becoming too suicidal.
So we had some friends over for the Third Annual Smiley Christmas in July. We played a snowball toss game (actually marshmallows wrapped in plastic wrap).We played Pin-the-Button-on-the-Snowman using a Santa hat for a blindfold.
The kids changed into swimsuits and ran through the octopus sprinkler...
...then lounged for a little while in the sun.
The finale was an exciting game of Pass the Parcel. The game is sort of like hot potato: there are several little gifts all wrapped in layers and you pass the parcel around until the music stops. If you are holding the parcel when the music stops, you unwrap the outer layer of wrapping paper and keep the gift! I got the idea from our great friends the Williamsons.
It seemed as though everyone had a good time. Traditional Christmas in July fare was served: Santa's Favorite Chicken Nuggets, Elf Rolls, Reindeer Chow, and Candy Cane shaped Sugar Cookies. Yummy!


Mary said...

What a cool idea! Happy 1/2 birthday Will!
Greg's birthday is Dec. 20 so we get the same advice.

Leah Young said...

Thank you SO much for inviting us to Will's party in July! I will know next time what we are really celebrating. We had a great time!